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Post Modern Art Collections

"The canvas print looks very beautiful in our dining room", Cheryl and George S.

David Bridburg

Over the last couple of years Mr. Bridburg has turned to the general public to sell his wares. He is grateful for the warm support he has found.

David Bridburg is a highly trained fine artist. His art bridges a world between old masterpieces and our digital modernity.

The ideas are Post Modern, meaning a mixing of genres. In the home or office the prints add a flair of beauty and intelligence.

We suggest selecting work with colors that look really good (complimentary) with everything in your room. We advise against "matching" a color in the image to the color of one or two things in the room. In other words decide if the work of art accents the room with an ease. You need to simply be intuitive in this process. This higher interior design concept you will find very rewarding.


May you and your family have a happy and safe holiday season,

Feel very free to reach out. If you need a helping hand I will be available.

My Contact Information:
[email protected] (preferred response channel)
(860) 810-2044 (Note as an artist I am a visual person. You will get better results writing to me. Thank you!)

As we all travel into these long solstice nights may the family holidays include friends and caring. If you are alone in this world may you find the people around you as a new family and reason to celebrate life.

Love each of you,

Each of my images has been registered with the US Copyright Office. My work is not in the Public Domain.

Fineartamerica/Pixels available 24/7 for prompt service over the telephone:
USA Customer Service call: (877) 807-5901
U.K. Customer Service call: 0800-014-8971
FAA/Pixels has a very low return rate. The company will fully honor the return policy.

Return Policy:
My fulfillment company, Pixels, has a
total satisfaction 30 Day Guarantee

Question: What makes for "original" artwork? You may fall in love with my answers to that.