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Welcome! Wishing you and yours a better year to come in 2021.
In my gallery you will find beautiful decor to suit your life style.

Post Modern Art Collections

Themed by creative concepts and mixed genres


Some 400 degrees of originality!

David Bridburg Exhibits

October Hartford ArtSpace Group Exhibit
July - December Gravity Smoothie Shop individual pieces of work
January - July Gravity Smoothie Shop individual pieces of work
October Hartford ArtSpace Group Exhibit
February - March Prosser Library individual pieces of work
October Hartford ArtSpace Group Exhibit
Tentative October Hartford ArtSpace Group Exhibit
At the present time no exhibits are scheduled. Venues are closed due to Covid 19.

Buying Original Artwork

As a shopper you maybe wondering about the word "original". I apply original as it was applied in the 1960s to original ideas. Selling fine art reproductions since 2014 is about expressing my digital concepts. This website is powered by FineArtAmerica/Pixels Corp. working with printers around the world. The platform has been hosting thousands of talented artists since 2006. Pixels has a total satisfaction 30 Day Guarantee


The fine art world is forever splintering. On my website you are looking at images deeply imbedded in art theory. The major forces in the art world today are digital files with NFT in the crypto sphere v the high end markets in major cities such as New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong.

You are looking at prints that are not priced as if in a NYC gallery nor stored away in a crypto world digital wallet. Instead I am revealing a very new side of what artwork can be.

Development of an Artist

Let me declare, I have an auditory processing problem, a birth defect. The disorder was not diagnosed till I was age 28.

In 1981, I left Bloomfield High School, CT, for the University of Houston to study engineering. I was homesick, and finding it difficult to study. Coming home at age 20, I began to work my way through UCONN.

Falling into the arts by accident, I enrolled in visual arts classes to fulfill my core electives, and became an A student. In retrospect, the arts education I enjoyed receiving was excellent.

After college, I wanted to become a businessman. Artistic ideas ever present, I did not want to make figurative or abstract images. Creating something along other lines was my calling.

In 2006, I had the idea of taking a figure in one older painting and putting it into the next painting using computers. If that was all I had decided to do, the story would have ended.

In 2012, studying on my own, I taught myself Photoshop. By 2014, I was gathering ideas to go into production. Working digitally offered me new ways to abstract on the macro and micro levels.

My art is Postmodernism. The first axiom of Post Modern Art is that everything in the arts has already been done. Paradoxically, my Postmodernism aesthetics are new to the audience.

Today as an independent self publishing artist, I am offering my catalog online.

You can contact me at:

David Bridburg
Post Modern Gallery
28 Mallard Dr.
Avon, CT 06001

[email protected]

Each of my images has been registered with the US Copyright Office. My work is not in the Public Domain.

Question: What makes for "original" artwork? You may fall in love with my answers to that.