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American Artist Joins The RijksStudio

September 26th, 2017

American Artist Joins The RijksStudio

Hartford, CT Staff: American artist David Bridburg joins derivative arts movement at the RijksStudio. Using images published on the Rijksmuseum website Bridburg has amassed a great deal of interesting artwork. Prints of these works are available online at DavidBridburg.com

Serious derivative artwork is new. For centuries humorous derivative takes have always been on offer. The Mona Lisa smoking is par for the course. David Bridburg uses important masterworks of art and maintains their importance while working digitally to create new aesthetics. The thought process is conceptual. Aesthetics are stretch to new artistic finds.

The Rijksmuseum has over 350,000 Rijksstudios on its servers. The websites is known for its easy of use. Access to downloading the images is fast and efficient for budding young artists, and old alike. Other major museums are following suit. The photographs of the famous paintings and sculptures are in the public domain also known as...

Original Santa Claus 1800s

November 15th, 2016

Original Santa Claus 1800s

Press Coverage Global in Nature: Editorial by Elves on Staff, Original Santa Claus to Make Appearance on December 25, 2016.

Expect some snow and a warm glow. St. Nick will be everywhere. Side photograph is over 100 years old. His best suit on, Santa loves having his photo taken.

Prints and Merchandise are available in my store, Revolutions in Decor, DavidBridburg.com

For the Grandson or Granddaughter, my second store JazzDaBri.com offers the music lover something unique.

Reindeer not included.

Merry Christmas,

David Bridburg

A New Look From The Old, Digital Fine Artist David Bridburg

September 20th, 2015

A New Look From The Old, Digital Fine Artist David Bridburg

A new look from the old, Digital Fine Artist David Bridburg

Hartford, CT, Staff Digital Artist David Bridburg is wooing commercial interior designers. Mr. Bridburg's artistic approach blends master artworks with modern art school concepts. Bridburg's artworks are very enjoyable abstracts and landscapes. Perfect for designers when new ideas have to be greatly liked and respected by the public to be used.

David Bridburg age 52 is new to the arts scene. Studying fine art at UCONN in the 1980s, after graduation David left the art world behind to work in the computer world. Over the years David imagined many new creative concepts. Studying Photoshop, he began a new career as a commercial artist in 2014. "I am finding myself in my 50s. The success is in how hard I work", Bridburg says.

Digital Fine Artist David Bridburg's artwork can be seen at www.bridburg.com
To contact David Bridburg: [email protected]