Believe in Art ~ Thoughts about Time

Post Modern Collections of Fine Art

Welcome, These working ideas tell the stories of several cultures. In my thinking, my not settling on a style affords the viewer a new release from a commercialized world.


Each expression is self contained, and part of a greater whole. If you enjoy my art, please write to me letting me know.

Brief Discussion

David Bridburg Creatively Defining Post Modern Art ~ An Elegant, Humanistic Approach to Fine Art

I believe art must speaking a tangential language to our culture. Giving meaning to artistic concepts is an entertainment and cognitive exercise that makes each of us very human.

Postmodernism is the synthesis of past and present.

People involved in the visual arts are on a mission to find an interesting body of art. Hopefully, I have whet your appetite.

David Bridburg
Avon, CT

Each of my images has been registered with the US Copyright Office. My work is not in the Public Domain.